Paisley Quilt by Becky Cherriman

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This poem deals with sexual violence and may be triggering to some people.

How do you make a film of a poem about rape? Poet Becky Cherriman and director Pru Fowler take a minimalist approach, with an unflinching close-up on the author’s face and her impeccable, understated delivery. The result is way more than just another talking-head-style spoken-word poetry video. As Cherriman said in an email, “I realise it is not as visually diverse as some of the films you feature but that was deliberate because of the stark nature of the poem.” Her performance of the poem took 2nd prize in the 2011 Ilkley Literature Festival Open Mic competition.


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    Moira Garland 11 January, 2015

    Powerful because it says so little and speaks of so much.

    • Reply
      Dave Bonta 13 January, 2015

      Yes, precisely.

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