(From an Awakened Sleep) by Charlotte Hamrick

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This is not the first time that Nic S.—known for her great reading voice—has made a videopoem with text-on-screen rather than voiceover, but it may be her most satisfying example of that sort of videopoem to date. The text, by New Orleans-based poet Charlotte Hamrick, comes from The Poetry Storehouse, and the music is by Rob Bethel, Todd Brunel and Matt Samolis, with Todd Brunel on clarinet.


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    […] remix of a Storehouse poem by Luisa A. Igloria, I said yes – Featured up at Moving Poems, Nic S. video remix based on a Storehouse poem by Charlotte Hamrick, (From An Awakened Sleep) back to top   […]

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    […] very talented Nic S. and posted on Vimeo where it was seen by Dave Bonta of Moving Poems and featured there, as well. I was over the moon. Having one of my poems remixed into a video-poem […]

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