Singularity by Eric Burke

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This interpretation of an Eric Burke poem by Jutta Pryor is one of the most satisfying ultra-short videopoems I’ve seen. It started out as a 15-second film, then was expanded to 20 seconds to incorporate more credits at the end. Somehow, it manages not to seem rushed, and the images are allusive enough to reward multiple viewings. Pryor used music by Masonik and a recording of Burke reading his poem, the text of which originally appeared in THRUSH Poetry Journal. She also credits the POOL group, a Facebook-based (and very international) creative community.


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    Jutta Pryor 23 August, 2014

    Thank you Dave Bonta, I very much value your feedback. Having only recently discovered the concept of moving poems, I’m excited by the possibilities. I love the sparse yet concise nature of Eric Burke’s words that allow for such diverse possibilities. Thank you for featuring our collaboration in Moving Poems. Eric Burke, Masonik, Jutta Pryor.

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      Dave 28 August, 2014

      I’m grateful for your support of, and enthusiasm for, the genre — it’s obviously infectious, seeing how remixing has taken off at the Storehouse since you became involved. I think you hit the nail on the head about why so many videopoets like working with Eric Burke’s poems. They have lots of room in them.

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