Ve znaku (In the Sign) by Jaromír Typlt

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Swoon‘s latest videopoem is a testimony to the way the web can break down differences of geography and language. He writes,

If there’s one thing I really like about the internet, it got to be the possibility and speed in how we can ‘meet’ and collaborate with people everywhere.

Throught the fiber I ‘met’ Jaromír Typlt.
At a certain point we started to write about poetry and videopoems and the possibility of working together.
On his website there were English translations of some of his poems.
We decided on one of them …

The translator is David Vichnar, and the poem is dedicated to the late poet and translator Ludvík Kundera. See Swoon’s blog post for the complete text in Czech and English, as well as the rest of his process notes.


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    swoon 13 June, 2013

    Hi Dave, thanks. Small correction, the translation of the poem is by David Vichnar, but the poem is dedicated to the poet and translator
    Ludvík Kundera (1920-2010) Both initial characters of his name are the initial characters of two keywords of the poem (Luk, Kniha – Bow, Book).

    • Reply
      Dave 13 June, 2013

      Thanks for the correction. I’ve amended the post.

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