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Another video from Dara Elerath at the Art Center Design College in Albuquerque. The full poem includes an additional two stanzas at the end — read it on the Poetry Foundation website.


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    Erik Westlund 11 November, 2011

    It appears our vimeo link to Dara’s work got broken. May have happened when we change our name from The Art Center Design College to Southwest University of Visual Arts. The current and correct link to Dara’s beautiful work can be found at the follow URL:

    BTW: This is a wonderful website.

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    Dave 11 November, 2011

    @ Erik Westlund
    Hey, thanks! I’ve swapped in the new link, as you can see. Unfortunately, the plugin I’m using to standardize the display of embedded videos isn’t currently compatible with other plugins that detect bad links, so I really appreciate the notice. This is an outstanding little film.

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