Beware of Dog by Tom Konyves

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Video by Tom and Alex Konyves with editing by Scott Douglas and voice by Piper McKinnon. Tom interprets his videopoem for us in the YouTube notes:

This videopoem imagines a conversation, an internal dialogue between the poet and his “spirit-guide”, revealed as words typed on the horizontal rails of a fence, accompanied by a Latin club beat (Los Chicarones), and punctuated with a well-situated growl or bark.

The image of the fence suggests “the other side”; on the other side of the fence there is no dialogue, no visual text, no colour, no music — only the singular voice (Piper McKinnon) of the instinctive impulse, in black and white, in slow motion.


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    Nic S. 6 September, 2010

    Two mechanisms I like very much here that use text in a delightfully non-page-oriented way (I’ve become the Enemy of The Page – when did that happen??): 1) heightening the effect of a word by putting it up on the screen at a different tempo from words that precede it in its sentence and b) erasing/correcting sentences on-screen. You couldn’t do either of those things on page. Enjoyed – thanks!

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      Dave Bonta 6 September, 2010

      Thanks for the comment, which aids my own appreciation of the video.

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