Top Ten Lists

Galleries of noteworthy poetry films and videopoems assembled by filmmakers, poets, film festival organizers, scholars, critics and other knowledgeable fans of the genre. You can browse the reverse-chronological archive at Moving Poems Magazine; I’m posting the links here in alphabetical order by author’s last name.

Dave Bonta: Top Ten Multi-Poem Films and Videopoems
Ten Culinary Poetry Videos

Alastair Cook: A Filmpoem Ten

Erica Goss: Ten Favorite Video Poems Made by Women

Sigrun Höllrigl: Ten Atypical Poetry Films

Alice Lyons: Ten Films to Look at When You Want to Think About Poetry and Film

Matt Mullins: Ten Notable Single-Author Videopoems

Guido Naschert: Ten Invitations to the Poetry Film Genre

Marc Neys A.K.A. Swoon: Top Ten Videopoems

Robert Peake: Ten of My Favourite Animated Videopoems

Martina Pfeiler: Ten Poetry Films for Stimulating Student Discussions

Nic S.: Ten Fabulous Videopoems

John Scott: Ten Favorite Cinépoems

J.P. Sipilä: Ten Videopoems I Want People to See

Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel: Ten Favorite Funny Poetry Films