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After the Robins by Angela Readman

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This is Alastair Cook‘s Filmpoem 31. He writes:

After the Robins is a magnificent tour de force of a poem by the English poet Angela Readman; Readman grew up in Middlesbrough and following university in Manchester relocated to Newcastle upon Tyne to complete a film studies MA. She completed a masters in creative writing at the University of Northumbria in 2000 and won a Waterstones prize for her distinctive poetry and prose. Her words are incredible, I think.

This film comes at a difficult time and is dedicated to my late Godfather, a real and bright presence in my young life.

The poem is read by my brother in life, Gérard Rudolf; the haunting lilting music composed by; I’m very pleased to say I’ll be working with Yvonne over the coming year with our project. Please do think about following for updates.

For more on Angela Readman, see her Wikipedia page.