Poet: Scott Edward Anderson

Fallow Field by Scott Edward Anderson

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This is Filmpoem 34 by Alastair Cook, who writes:

Fallow Field is a poem by Scott Edward Anderson, from his brand new eponymous collection. It’s been a pleasure to make a Filmpoem for a friend and this harks back to my earlier work, motifs I explored and delighted in a number of years ago which suit Scott’s incredible words.

Scott’s collection Fallow Field is available from Aldrich Press, Amazon and scottedwardanderson.com.

Of the various blurbs on the website, I particularly liked this one:

“Wow, Pop, I had no idea you wrote so many poems!” – Walker Anderson, the author’s 10-year-old son

Anderson blogs at The Green Skeptic and Scott Edward Anderson’s Poetry Blog.

Naming by Scott Edward Anderson

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A new filmpoem by Scottish artist Alastair Cook for a piece by the American poet Scott Edward Anderson. Alastair notes, “Naming was premiered at The Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Edinburgh in January 2011; it was shot entirely on Kodachrome Super8 in 2010 and contains no post production, after effects or erstwhile digital trickery.”