Poet: Luke Wright

National Service (with added talky bits) by Luke Wright

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British performance poet Luke Wright notes on YouTube,

Four months into my six month driving ban I’m getting nostalgic about motorway service stations. I miss rating my toilet experience.

This very basic video shot with a stationary camera is rendered thoroughly engrossing by Wright’s entertaining performance and the innovative (though deliberately not seamless) co-mingling of rhyming poetry and explication.

B Movie by Luke Wright

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A wildly entertaining performance video, augmented by visual text drawn by Sam Ratcliffe. This is from British poet and broadcaster Luke Wright, found via Viral Verse. Here’s the description at YouTube:

BARRY vs THE BLOB – a B Movie set in Brentwood, Essex.

Poet Luke Wright felt bad that Brentwood had the singular reputation of being the home of TOWIE. So he’s set another cinematic event in Brentwood — Essex’s first B movie. On a budget, like all the best B movies, the only special effect he had at his disposal was ALLITERATION. This is literally a B movie.