Poet: Gary Barwin

Alien Babies by Gary Barwin

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There’s more than meets the eye to this delightfully unhinged new videopoem by the Canadian writer, multimedia artist and composer Gary Barwin. The YouTube description notes that the text is from his forthcoming collection No TV for Woodpeckers.

The Hand by Gary Barwin

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Gary Barwin wrote the text and music; Jenna Mariash directed. Despite the somewhat literal correspondence of video images to text, I found the former interesting and diverse enough that they avoid creating a feeling of redundancy, and instead contribute to a thoroughly enjoyable videopoem.

Inverting the Deer by Gary Barwin

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I love this poem, and was happy to see Gary Barwin (who describes himself as writer, composer, multimedia artist, performer and educator) doing something interesting with the much-abused video slideshow (kinestatic) form on YouTube. The poem appears in The Porcupinity of the Stars (Coach House, 2010).