Poet: Dave Richardson

Migrations by Dave Richardson

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A gem of a videopoem by poet and filmmaker Dave Richardson.

Note that, polished as it appears, this is still a first draft, according to Richardson. In a comment at Vimeo, he wrote:

Always happy to share works in progress. My “first draft” might just be someone’s “final draft.” I think this motion piece is in good shape now.

The Mantis Shrimp by Dave Richardson

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A meditation on the Mantis Shrimp’s 16 photoreceptors, a yellow blouse from the past, and a desire for more and more color. A previous version of “The Mantis Shrimp” was juried into Liberated Words at MIX: A Conference Exploring Transmedia Writing & Digital Creativity, 16-18, July 2012; Bath Spa University, UK. “The Mantis Shrimp” is now showing at the Tarble Arts Center, Charleston, Illinois, from Sept. 21 to Dec. 2, 2012, in the EIU Art Department Faculty Show.

Thus the description at Vimeo [for an earlier version of the video]. For more of Dave Richardson’s work, see his design website and Rocky Hill Studio blog.