Tristeza no Céu (Sadness in the Sky) by Carlos Drummond de Andrade

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Another Carlos Drummond de Andrade poem, pulled together by Lila Sakura with a little help from her friends in the Darc Kontinents collaboration project.

Amar (To Love) by Carlos Drummond de Andrade

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A poem by Brazil’s greatest 20th-century poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, from the documentary Meu Amor Virtual by Dutch filmmakers Jan Willem Looze and Marke Fekkes:

At more than 2,500 Brazilian women offer themselves to Western men. These days Brasileiras are no longer only interested in their own countrymen – most of these men are a little too free with their hands, have too little education and above all: no future. So modern Brazilian women have taken to the net, offering themselves in the hope of finding true love online.

The documentary Meu Amor Virtual shows the dreams, desires, hopes and fears of four of these women who set out looking for intercontinental, intercultural and Everlasting Love.

A higher-quality version of this clip in WMV format may be downloaded from the documentary’s website.

I thought the ending, with the statue of the poet on a park bench at Copacabana, was a really nice touch.

Mistura (Mixture) by Fernanda Pinto

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Enio Bergwanger, the director, says:

This is a film shot on 16mm for the Minute Film Festival in Brazil 2004. The film was based on a poem called “Mixture” of copywriter, Fernanda Pinto. Here it is:

“Stay away from me…
My mouth is like yours…
My eyes are like yours…
Stay away from me…
This mixture divides me…
Confuses me…
Dissolves me…
Be just my mother…
The mother I love…
The mother I hate…”

The actress says the poem.
Shot with the idea of using basicly the primary colors, Red, Green and Blue. Inspired on the colors of a film by DP Ed Lachman – Far from Heaven (2002).
Music by Renato Borghetti – Borghettinho
Production Company – Paralela Filmes – Brazil

Waking Up in Phillip Street by Peter Olds

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Sarah Barraclough says this is her “first attempt at using Adobe After Effects. Poem is by a NZ poet called Peter Olds.” For more on Peter Olds, here’s a bio from the New Zealand Book Council.

Chopped Off Arm and Crumbs by Hal Sirowitz

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American poet Hal Sirowitz is, according to an uncited assertion in the Wikipedia, the best-selling translated poet in Norway, thanks mainly to these and other animations by Sigrid Astrup. I think the Norwegian really adds an interesting dimension to the poems.

The Ghosts Listen to Orpheus Sing by Gregory Orr

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Gregory Orr reads his poem for “an upcoming [in 2006] enhanced CD release entitled ‘Orpheus and Eurydice'” by Trey Gunn.

you knew this by J.P. Sipilä

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A short piece by J.P. Sipilä, a young Finnish poet with an impressive command of filmmaking techniques.