A Game of Sevens by Robert Peake

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A film-poem by Robert Peake and Valerie Kampmeier — their fourth. For the text, see Robert’s blog.

Oedipus by Nathan Filer

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This light-verse film, starring the poet and directed by U.K. filmmaker RONG, won the Best Poetry Film prize at the 3rd ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in 2006.

To Learn From Each Thing by John Siddique

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This is “Vine Moon” from John Siddique‘s Thirteen Moons series, directed and supervised by Walter Santucci. For this one, Raul Torres and Britt Wallstrom are credited with the animation and concept.

Better Days by Kevin Cadwallender

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I’ve been reading interviews collected around the U.S. during the Great Depression by the Federal Writer’s Project, and this poem perfectly captures my reaction to that heritage of hard times and lives cut short by poverty and dangerous work. This is Alastair Cook‘s 19th filmpoem, with a sound composition by Mark Walters.

Monarchs by Carlin M. Wragg

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This is a section from a longer poem, “Found Letters: Jack and Matilda.” The video is not the final product, but a documentation video of a sculpture, as Carlin M. Wragg explains in her description at Vimeo:

As part of my thesis for ITP, I’d like to create a system of expressive techniques that bring poems off the page in a way that is not quite theater, not quite art installation, and not quite public reading, but which incorporate elements of all of these. With this in mind, I’m collaborating with Kevin Bleich to identify and customize adaptive technologies that bring visual, aural, and environmental experiences together with poetry. As we iterate through a sequence of video sculptures that interpret elements of my novel-in-verse, Found Letters: Jack & Matilda, we are documenting our discoveries on a Tumblr called the Creative Tech Toolkit (creativetechtoolkit.tumblr.com). We hope this shared body of knowledge will serve as the technical foundation for our individual thesis projects.

For our first piece, Kevin and I extended the work we did in April and May of 2011 when we used a Kinect sensor, projection mapping, sound and video to animate a collection of fictional letters through readers’ interactions with an antique rolltop desk. This time we wanted to work on a smaller scale, so we projected video into a Kosta Boda snowball candleholder designed by Ann Warff. We hoped the candleholder’s rippled glass would diffuse the video imagery into the kind of flickering light one might find on a table set for a romantic dinner, as it is in the poem at the core of this piece.

(ITP, by the way, is the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.)

Advert for Clinic 5 Psych Ward Poetry Circle (All Welcome) by Mikey Fatboy Delgado

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London writer and long-time blogger Mikey Fatboy Delgado has just begun to make videopoems. This is, I think, his second.

Bells of Atlantis by Anaïs Nin

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I just discovered that someone had uploaded a copy of this landmark film from 1952. Anaïs Nin’s husband Ian Hugo directed, with text from Nin’s novella House of Incest recited by the author over an electronic score by Louise and Bebe Barron. While the text may not be poetry per se, the form and style of the film anticipates modern filmpoetry/videopoetry by decades.