Day is Done by Johan de Boose

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Swoon‘s latest videopoem features a text, reading and English translation by Belgian author Johan de Boose. As Swoon wrote in a blog post introducing the film:

For poetry day & week (here in Belgium & The Netherlands) Johan de Boose wrote a poem.
The ‘Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen‘ and ‘Het Poëziecentrum‘ gave me a commission to make a videopoem for it.

During these days filled with poetry, Johan is visiting schools, showing the video, reading the poem and talking with the students…

Some things speak for themselves.
Loud and like crystal.


It was clear from the beginning that I wanted someone young to feature in this video. And I found the perfect one. Filming and editing was made easy with her natural expression and Johan’s strong words.

Dutch and Flemish Poetry Day is the fourth Thursday of January (January 24th this year).

Click through to the post to read the poem in both languages.

Kliniken (The Clinic) by Annelie Axén

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A newly subtitled animation by Kristian Pedersen for Gasspedal Animert. Words and voice are by Annelie Axén. There’s also an unsubtitled version.

According to the Gasspedal website (with the help of Google Translate), Annelie Axén was born in 1975 and is an author and critic. Raised in Falun, Sweden, she graduated from the Author Program at Telemark University College in Bø, Norway, and went on to the University of Copenhagen where she studied journalism. Her book Langz was published by Gasspedal in 2005.

Traversate by Elena Chiesa

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Italian videoartist Elena Chiesa says about her videopoetry:

These animations are the result of many metamorphosis of frames worked one by one “melting the pixels” as oil paint. The sum of many transformations creates this fluid…

Listening to poetry, as to a mantra or a song, always brings our mind to create a flow of images, stimulating the creation of visions provoked in our mind and memory by the words or sounds. What I try to produce is this flow. My personal flow. In animation.

Though she sometimes animates others’ poems, she doesn’t credit anyone else for “Traversate,” so I’m assuming she’s the author of both the poem and the translation.

All Tangled Up: children’s filmpoetry from Scotland

The result of the first Filmpoem Children’s Workshop led by Alastair Cook for North Light Arts. The film includes five poems read by their authors: Kitty, Alasdair, Andrew, Ben, and Nancy. Ben Dorin James was the cinematographer, and Filmpoem is credited as the director.

Suddenly by Tim Verdinek

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I wasn’t able to ascertain anything about the author, but I’m guessing he’s Slovenian like the kids who made this film. ZVVIKS, “institute for film and audiovisual production based in Ljubljana, Slovenia,” seems to regularly sponsor animation workshops. Here’s the complete video description from Vimeo:

Short animated film based on a poem by Tim Verdinek.
“With some assistance from their mentor, the complete film was created by attendees of the animated film workshop for children, students & youth.”
Story, designs, animation and music: Urša Halilovič, Aleksa Milovanović
Mentor: Simon Hudolin – Salči
Producers: Matija Šturm and Kolja Saksida
Sound Borja Močnik
Colour corection: Teo Rižnar
Production: ZVVIKS 2012
Co producer: Kulturni dom Slovenj Gradec
Financier: Maribor 2012 – Evropska prestolnica kulture, Slovenski filmski center – javna agencija Republike Slovenije

A Tree is Everything by Manasvi Bantawa

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Manasvi Bantawa was a 3rd Grade student, so 8 or 9 years old, when this animation was made two years ago by Alex McClelland, working from a poster design by Zack Montrunecs. It’s part of the Healing Stanzas project:

Healing Stanzas is a collaborative project between Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center and Glyphix design studio. This series combines the creative talents of KSU Visual Communication Design students with student writers (grades 3–12), health care providers, medical students, patients, and veterans to encourage dialogue about the connection between art and medicine, writing and healing.

Giant by Orianne Breakspear

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A film by Luca Dicorato and Takanori Yoshiro. Dicorato notes:

Giant is a poem written and performed by 12 years old Orianne Breakspear.
We decided to animate this piece by employing a mixture of techniques, mainly cutout animation. We favoured images from old books and magazines as well as from the web in order to establish the vintage look.

The music is from Kevin MacLeod

In 2011, Orianne Breakspear won the Brit Writers Award for poetry in the Under 16s category.