The Lights Are On In The Museum by David Tomaloff

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This comprises the second panel of Propolis, the videopoem triptych produced by Swoon Bildos, Whale Sound (Nic Sebastian) and Cello Dreams (Kathy McTavish). Here’s the contributor’s note about David Tomaloff:

David Tomaloff (b. 1972) is a writer, photographer, musician, and all around bad influence. His work has appeared in fine publications such as Mud Luscious, >kill author, Thunderclap!, HOUSEFIRE, Prick of the Spindle, DOGZPLOT, elimae, and many more. He is the author of the chapbooks, A SOFT THAT TOUCHES DOWN &REMOVES ITSELF (NAP) Olifaunt (The Red Ceilings Press), EXIT STRATEGIES (Gold Wake Press) and MESCAL NON-PALINDROME CINEMA (Ten Pages Press). He resides in the form of ones and zeros here.

Visit the Propolis site for the text of the poem.

Sunday Services by Lisa J. Cihlar

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This comprises the third panel of Propolis, the videopoem triptych produced by Swoon Bildos, Whale Sound (Nic Sebastian) and Cello Dreams (Kathy McTavish). Here’s their contributor’s note about Lisa Cihlar:

Lisa J. Cihlar‘s poems have been published in The Pedestal Magazine, Green Mountains Review, In Posse Review, Bluestem, and The Prose-Poem Project. One of her poems was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She lives in rural Southern Wisconsin.

Visit Propolis to read the text of the poem.

Matters by Hannah Stephenson

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Starting back in March, blogger-poet Hannah Stephenson has been cutting back on her previous pattern of a new poem every weekday to share a multimedia presentation on Fridays (which is actually, I’m sure, more work — I don’t mean to imply she’s been slacking!). Last Friday, she posted this video, which incorporates the text of a previously blogged poem.

“Wild nights…” by Emily Dickinson

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Thanks to CreatureCast for licensing this wonderful undersea footage under a Creative Commons license, permitting this repurposing. I blogged about the making of it at Via Negativa. Due to the format of the original film, I was forced to learn how to make a widescreen (16:9) video, which turned out not be difficult at all (thought the standardized dimensions of videos here at Moving Poems give it an extra-wide top and bottom border).

For a very different audio interpretation of the poem, listen to videopoet Brenda Clews‘ reading on the Woodrat Podcast, Episode 31: Emily Dickinson at 180. Brenda’s reading starts just past the four-minute mark.

What Remains by Gareth Sion Jenkins

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Jason Lam directs. Other credits (since they aren’t given in the film) include performers Tara Robertson and Stuart Warren, and composer and sound designer Adam Synnott — this according to the description for another version of the film on Vimeo.

What Remains explores the uneasy zone between pleasure and pain; love and possession; connection and abandonment. We open up and another infiltrates virus-like, gets beneath our skin, modifies our form, redirects our blood stream.

Gareth Sion Jenkins is an Australian poet — see the bio at Mascara Literary Review.

let me tell you about yourself by Nic Sebastian

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Nic Sebastian is probably best known to the followers of this site as the source of terrific readings in the soundtracks of various videopoems by Swoon Bildos and a few of my own, including several for Nic’s own poems. But now that she’s discovered just how easy it is to make her own videos using found footage, I think you can expect to see her name in the credits as filmmaker a lot more often here, too. Today’s video was the second of three she’s made so far with text of her own devising in response to the footage. She blogged about it in some detail at Very Like a Whale:

The footage for this piece is courtesy of the wonderful artists at the Hubble website. In their video gallery they have numerous segments labeled ‘artist’s impressions’ of various space phenomena. Some of these are truly breathtaking (even if one doesn’t have a clue what they mean scientifically).

So I greedily downloaded a bunch and was getting ready to try and find a poem to frame the footage, when I realized that the footage had already begun writing a screenplay for itself in my head. This is the end result (kinda obvious for a space theme, but hey): one of those catch-all poems with a smart-ass title addressed to god/muse/lover, or all of the above. (Now I think about it, sort of a PS to Dark and Like A Web, which had a bunch of that kind of poem in it.)

Do click through to her post to read her take-aways. (You can read all her blog postings on videopoetry by clicking on the category link.) It’s exciting to see to any newcomer to the videopoetry medium make such stunning work, but especially one who’s as well known and widely respected in online poetry circles as Nic.

Tom Kessler, Stockton Island, 1887 by Kenneth Pobo

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A videopoem made to double as a video trailer for the winner of qarrtsiluni magazine’s 2011 chapbook contest: Ice and Gaywings, by Kenneth Pobo, forthcoming from Phoenicia Publishing in Montreal. See our post about the video at the magazine for more. (I was responsible for commissioning this film from Swoon in my capacity as qarrtsiluni co-Managing Editor, and helped shape the content a little, but the main ideas and final decisions were Swoon’s.)