To a Mouse by Robert Burns

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A gorgeous, grungy animation and great reading (by Bill Patterson) of the classic poem, created for the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway, Scotland. Barnaby Hewlett directed. Produced by Spiral Productions.

hollow by Peter Stephens

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A Moving Poems production, with the cooperation of Nic Sebastian at Whale Sound, who agreed to let me use her reading for the soundtrack, and the author, who perhaps unwisely gave his permission without any constraints whatsoever. Read Peter’s original text at his blog, Slow Reads. I think it’s a spectacular poem, and I hope my video does it justice — or at least excites interest in the poet and the reader.

I found the rest of the soundtrack at ccMixter, and a public-domain film to poach footage from at the Prelinger Archives (just two of the many online resources I’ve found for videopoem makers — check out the whole list).

Mashup: Kiss by Paul Portugés

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Paul Portugés wrote the words and screenplay, and Cecil Hirvi supplied machinima/mashup and music, and well as providing the avatar for one of the three actors in Second Life.

A Fire in Ice by Marly Youmans

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Paul Digby designed and created this video, which I am slotting into the “concrete poetry” category (even though the text is in rhyming couplets) on the strength of its last few seconds, which to me also perform the essential function of suggesting additional meanings beyond those immediately obvious in the text itself. Marly Youmans reads her poem, which is from her new collection The Throne of Psyche.

Die Farben dieser Welt (Colours of the World) by Rainer Schippers

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Rainer Schippers is responsible for the music as well as the poem. George P. Schnyder “Filmed with the GH1 and a Sony HC1 (for the 8mm Stuff).”

Prodigal by Kona Macphee

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Alastair Cook‘s 11th filmpoem. His description at Vimeo is worth quoting in full:

Prodigal is a film of Kona Macphee‘s poem, which was born from Andrew Philip’s project for the second Hidden Door festival, held in Edinburgh in October 2010: I was asked to record a reading of the poem. As I read it, I felt its power and resolved to make a filmpoem. I commissioned a cello piece from Rebecca Rowe and we performed this live at the Poetry Association of Scotland‘s meeting on 9th March 2011, at the Scottish poetry Library. A new direction for these perhaps, the addition of live performance… but the work is as dark and mercurial as ever.

My Love for You is So Embarrassingly by Todd Boss

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Deb Kirkeeide designed and animated this motionpoem for a poem by Todd Boss.