when you land in New Orleans by Ben Pelhan

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Ben Pelhan shot, wrote, edited, supplied the voice, etc. Pelhan is a Pittsburgh native currently living in New Orleans. “When he’s not playing poet he plays with whatever video equipment he can get his hands on,” according to a recent bio at smoking glue gun.

innocent beat by Martha McCollough

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An interesting kinetic-text animation by Martha McCollough, a painter and animator from Boston, who notes in the description that it it is “Based on a page from my erasure project Grey Vacation. The wrongest thing ever said.”

poem by Syrian refugee Tarek

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Lebanese filmmaker Eliane Raheb directs. From the Free Arab website:

Since the start of the revolutions, Friday has become a symbolic day for all Arab protestors, it is the day to take down the streets and ask for changing the regime. From his refuge in Beirut, Tarek who is unable to demonstrate against the regime in Lattakia, uses his pen to write a poem, in tribute to the protesters everywhere in Syria

Fireflies by Raymond Luczak

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Raymond Luczak signs a poem from his newly re-issued book This Way to the Acorns, which sounds great: a collection of nature poems based on memories of his childhood in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The music is by John Stutte.

Putain by Peter Wullen

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(English version)

(Dutch version)

Kris J. Yves Verdonck used “stopmotion, pixilation and edited images of Eadward Muybridge,” and notes that the “English version is slightly different from the Dutch one.”

The Lockless Door by Robert Frost

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The graphics exist to support the soundtrack here, but I still thought it was an effective videopoem. Ryerson University film student Adin Dell advises, “Put on some headphones or turn up the volume to really hear the ‘soundscape.'”

Building a Dry Stone Wall by Melinda Lovell

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Filmmaker Hannah Lovell notes that this is

A short extract from “The Hamlet”, a 25 minute documentary-poem collaboration with my mother Melinda Lovell, combining poems written and footage gathered over many years while living in a small hamlet in the south of France.

For more extracts from the project, see Hannah’s Vimeo page. Mother and daughter also run a literary micropress together, Inchivalla Press.