Where They Feed Their Children to Kings by John Gallaher

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A poem originally published in the Colorado Review, and reprinted in Verse Daily. John Gallaher blogs at Nothing to Say & Saying It (love that title!).

Conatus by Temujin Doran

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Another work of found-text genius by Temujin Doran which, while not explicitly a videopoem or filmpoem, illustrates the crucial importance of juxtaposition in extending the meaning well beyond the text.

From their quiet home in the Père Lachaise Cemetery; Frank, Malcom, George, Mary, Peggy and Jim discuss a very enjoyable weekend. This is a short film based on an archival sound recording taken from the 1959 Linguaphone series ‘English Intonation Reader’

Same-Day Return by Robert Peake

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A new film-poem by Robert Peake and Valerie Kampmeier. “We live near the end of the Northern Line, and our evenings are pleasantly haunted by the sound of the train,” Robert notes in a blog post (which also includes the text).

Visiting the Dunbrody Famine Ship by Elizabeth Rimmer

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This is Alastair Cook’s 17th filmpoem, and bears the title of the collection of poetry whence the poem comes: Wherever We Live Now, by British poet Elizabeth Rimmer. Alastair writes,

This film came while I was concentrating on two other films, which will be part of my solo film, photography and glass show How the Land Lies in Edinburgh this spring.

This is also a farewell to Kodak, of sorts, as there’ll never really be a goodbye embrace- entirely made from Kodachrome Super8, wildly out of date. And a homage to my solace, Portobello.

Thanks to Erstlaub for the sound design, a drone star.

When at a Certain Party in NYC by Erin Belieu

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Motionpoems’ latest animation. (See the comments to that post for a quote on the process by animator Amy Schmitt, as well as the poet’s reaction to the finished piece.) This is another of the films produced in collaboration with Best American Poetry 2011.

[meine heimat] by Ulrike Almut Sandig

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The 2012 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival has introduced a new contest, inviting filmmakers to

make a film of the poem [meine heimat] by Ulrike Almut Sandig. The directors of the three best films will be invited to come to Berlin to meet the poet and have the opportunity of presenting their films and talking about them.

This is Swoon‘s entry. Ulrike Almut Sandig’s webpage is here, and there’s a bio in English at the online journal No Man’s Land.

New Year Philosophy #5 by Inua Ellams

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Art direction and animation by Jonathan Mckee for Smile for London. Inua Ellams is a word and graphic artist from Nigeria.