Advertising Lullaby by George Carlin

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Found text has played a central role in the development of videopoetry, so this montage of advertising tropes by the late comedian George Carlin becomes a full-fledged poem merely by adaptation to the kinetic-text medium. An inspired choice and execution by Jenny Lien.

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond by e.e. cummings

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“People and places from a recent trip to San Diego, CA,” says documentary photojournalist and filmmaker Kristyn Ulanday in the description at Vimeo. I think she rather understates the awesomeness of this videopoem. (For the text of the poem, see

Inverting the Deer by Gary Barwin

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I love this poem, and was happy to see Gary Barwin (who describes himself as writer, composer, multimedia artist, performer and educator) doing something interesting with the much-abused video slideshow (kinestatic) form on YouTube. The poem appears in The Porcupinity of the Stars (Coach House, 2010).

“Subcutaneous”: Three poems by Dan Godston

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Three poems in one video by the indefatigible Swoon. The poems are: “Spread Out,” “Trash” and “A Sonnet for Edgar Allan Poe.” For the texts, see Swoon’s blog post about the video.

Becoming Judas: five poems by Nicelle Davis

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These poems are from Becoming Judas by Nicelle Davis, forthcoming from Red Hen Press. The wonderfully whimsical drawings by Cheryl Gross are animated in a fairly basic style which the description at YouTube dubs “motion graphics.”

Epithalamium by Timothy David Orme

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An interesting experimental piece by filmmaker and poet Timothy David Orme, who describes it at Vimeo as follows:

Epithalamium is a hybrid work of “poetry” and altered, erased, and intentionally damaged 16mm film–an odd marriage poem to an ex-wife, the first part being a poem for the speaker’s marriage day, the second part being a poem to the divorced wife’s future marriage, a sort of ‘future memory.’

Epithalamium is a silent project.

For more examples of Orme’s filmmaking, see his online portfolio.

The Itch by Mark Gwynne Jones

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According to the description on Vimeo, these are

Words and pictures from the English Peak District, courtesy of Mark Gwynne Jones and Andy Lawrence… 2012

This film was made in one day, using the Canon 220 sx powershot HS, a cheap compact camera, and iMovie..

Lawrence and Jones are part of a band/multimedia partnership called Psychicbread which has produced a whole series of filmpoems with texts by Jones. According to the Horizon Review,

Four times fringe-award winners, Mark Gwynne Jones and the Psychicbread use poetry, music and humour as their messenger. From the girl who spent too long on a sunbed to the joys of driving a Sherman Tank at rush hour. . . the result is contagious, gritty and sometimes startlingly sensitive.