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Elegy with Her Red-Tipped Fingers by Tarfia Faizullah

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A high-quality, music video-style poetry film by poet and filmmaker Jamaal May for Organic Weapon Arts, whose chapbook series “was started with the hip-hop tradition of the mixtape in mind.” Tarfia Faizullah‘s poem may be read online in Blackbird.

Smalltalk & Little Else by R.W. Perkins

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“Can we be gratified enough to be less gratified?” asks R.W. Perkins in this outgoing yet introspective new videopoem, made for The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival, which he organized this spring in Fort Collins, Colorado. I imagine it must’ve done a very good job in setting the tone for the festival.

Over drinks, at the end of a very long day, have you ever felt completely alone talking with a group of friends? Smalltalk & little Else explores the inner workings of the mind, while attempting to put on your best face for friends and family.

Shot in Fort Collins own Cafe Vino, a new but notable old town staple, with their stand alone atmosphere, cocktails and tapas. Camera work provided by Andy Carrasco of Studio Carrasco Films.

There Is No Word by Tony Hoagland

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A poetry film by Dan Albright and Jordan Meltzer, with an original score by Meltzer. The Tony Hoagland poem originally appeared in Poetry magazine, and this video was featured recently at The Fluid Raven.

THERE IS NO WORD is the official film adaptation of Tony Hoagland’s poem of the same name that explores the subtle, impossible-to-describe experience of a good friendship changing to a mere acquaintanceship.

Here’s what Tony Hoagland has to say about the film:
“your sense of image is beautiful and intuitive, and there’s a sweet rawness to the story telling which seems brave to me; especially when talking about male friendship-so, good for you and thanks for the honor.”


Made for the 2013 Evelyn Horowitz Video Poetry Competition at Emerson College, Boston, MA.

Poppies In July by Sylvia Plath

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This is Little Poppies, a student work by Libby Parfitt and Paris Daley, “based on the naturalistic sculpture and black and white photography of Richard Long.”

I’m sorry but I’ve witnessed what’s under your suburban bruises by Meg Tuite

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Meg Tuite reads her poem in this collaboration with Swoon (Marc Neys) for the inaugural issue of Awkword Paper Cut [auto-playing audio alert]. Marc blogged about the making of the film. A snippet:

Something in the combination of her words/voice and these sounds led me back to a movie I used in another video, FF Coppola’s ‘Dementia 13′
I picked out a few scenes and faces and started editing. Looked for the right movements that I could feature as some kind of recurring visual chorus.
In the end I added a layer of lights and colours.

Love? by Julie Gard

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Words are a fugitive, ghostly presence in this film by Kathy McTavish. For more poems by Julia Gard, see her website.

Alarum by Robert Hershon

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A fun student film by Loni Paone. The description on Vimeo says:

Submitted to Emerson College’s 2013 Evelyn Horowitz Video Poetry Competition. The competition asks students to adapt a poem written by a contemporary poet to the visual medium.

“Alarum” is a poem written by Brooklyn author and poet Robert Hershon, which is published in his book Grocery Lists.

The poem itself deals with the absurd and contagious nature that comes with believing in stereotypes. The concept behind my visual adaptation is to show several methods through which stereotypes can be perpetuated in society: indoctrinating the youth (public TV educator); deceiving the masses (live news reporter); slandering by word-of-mouth (the men drinking); and brainwashing the faithful (the religious figurehead).

For more on Robert Hershon, see the Poetry Foundation website.