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Roadtrip by Joshua Stewart

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A Vimeo find. The description reads:

Poem by Joshua Stewart.
Video by Fraser Jones.
Scenic views by The United States of America.

Jonah and the Shark by Annie Ferguson

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Another in the collaborative series of videopoems by two Evergreen College students, this one by written and directed by Annie Ferguson. All five films by Ferguson and Catherine Michaelis have also been rolled into a single video. Watch it at The Fluid Raven.

Come The Apocalypse by Catherine Alice Michaelis

A great environmental/social justice videopoem by Evergreen College student Catherine Alice Michaelis, part of a collaborative series with Annie Ferguson that grew out of “a 10 week immersive experiment with cinépoetry,” according to The Fluid Raven. Deserving of special mention here, I think, is the eerie and effective whistling by Bill Moody on the soundtrack.

Grassy Grayson by Grayson Cahal

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Grayson Cahal was in the 3rd grade (in Chatham Elementary School, Lodi, Ohio), so 8 or 9 years old, when he wrote this astonishing poem. Ruth Turner did the animation, and the accompanying poster was designed by Ryan Sprowl.

This video is one in a series – part of the second Healing Edition of the Traveling Stanzas project which is a collaborative effort between the Wick Poetry Center‘s outreach program and the Glyphix design studio at Kent State University.

Learning the Letters by Robert Peake

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“A film-poem by Valerie Kampmeier and Robert Peake, incorporating footage of children in Britton, South Dakota filmed by Ivan Bessie in 1939.” For the text, see Peake’s blog.

Shame by Richard Wilbur

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This film is called drawing, and its maker, Paul Mounsey, notes only that it was shot on 16mm film. The text may be found online here. The Poetry Foundation has a very good page on Richard Wilbur, along with a generous selection of his poems.

Righteous Utopian by Michael Spering

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An author-made, stop-motion videopoem.