Nationality: Portugal

Eu (não) me resigno (I (don’t) give up) by Fernando Pessoa

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Alexandre Braga directed this film for BASE Comunicação Audiovisual, who uploaded it to Vimeo:

From the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, this visual message proposes a moment of introspection and places us in a universe of thought: The man, once again trying to reach the divine.

All this happens in a kind of sanctuary: The top of the highest mountains in a small island in the middle of the Atlantic.

Of particular interest to me here was the way the filmmaker went beyond the usual subtitle approach for the English translations of each line, and integrated them into the film as text animations, resulting in one of the more thoroughly bilingual poetry films I’ve seen.

Voz, sempre a mesma (Voice, always the same) by Catarina João

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Catarina João includes an English translation in her description at Vimeo:

Traditional animation, charcoal on paper

Short animation based on a poem:

Voice, always the same
Semi-open window
Fly feet

This is wonderfully mysterious, but i think the translation could stand to be tweaked a little:

Voice, always the same
Half-open window
The feet of a fly

At the time to set the table, we were five, by José Luís Peixoto

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Update: this video is on longer online.

A simple yet affecting video for the poem “Na hora de pôr a mesa, éramos cinco” by the contemporary Portuguese novelist and poet José Luís Peixoto. Gustavo Santos has uploaded two versions, the other without English subtitles.

Urgentemente (Urgently) by Eugénio de Andrade

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A poem by Portugal’s greatest living poet, Eugénio de Andrade. This was uploaded by Bloqs de Lletres, so I’m assuming the video is by Josep Porcar, as their others are.

Here’s an English translation by Alexis Levitin:


It’s urgent — love.
It’s urgent — a boat upon the sea.

It’s urgent to destroy certain words,
hate, solitude, and cruelty,
some moanings,
many swords.

It’s urgent to invent a joyfulness,
multiply kisses and cornfields,
discover roses and rivers
and glistening mornings — it’s urgent.

Silence and an impure light fall upon
our shoulders till they ache.
It’s urgent — love, it’s urgent
to endure.

(from Forbidden Words)