Nationality: Palestine

Abd el-Hadi Fights a Superpower by Taha Muhammad Ali

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Filmed by Pamela Robertson-Pearce for the DVD anthology from Bloodaxe Books, In Person: 30 Poets, edited by Neil Astley. I was especially impressed by the way Ali’s translator, Peter Cole (So What: New and Selected Poems 1971-2005), translates something of his reading style into English in the second half of the video.

For a few more online poems by Taha Muhammad Ali in English, see his page at Poetry International Web.

Two Meters of this Land by Mahmoud Darwish

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I guess I betray my fondness for minimalism by posting this very spare, not terribly illuminating trailer for “A film by Ahmad Natche … shot in Ramallah (Palestinian Territories) in the Summer of 2009, inspired by a Mahmoud Darwish poem.” Here’s the film’s website.