Nationality: Hungary

Karima álom / Brim dream by Zsolt Miklya

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A charming animation directed by Csaba Gellár of a poem for children by Hungarian author Zsolt Miklya. Attila Bárdos was the animator. This is one of a series of animated children’s poems produced by József Fülöp as a part of a project from MOME Animation, “one of the defining creative workshops and intellectual centres of Hungarian animation.” They all (?) popped up on the MOME Anim Vimeo site five days ago (though Gellár had shared the above version of his film 11 months earlier).

Point by Csilla Toldy

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Hungarian-British filmmaker Csilla Toldy wrote, directed and produced this “poem about the end of the world as we know it and a new beginning,” as she describes it on YouTube.

Experimental short poem in motion. Made in Northern Ireland, in 2008 with support from Northern Ireland Screen
Cast: John Livingstone, Donna Ansley, Ivan Ryan
Camera: Alistair Livingstone
Music: Kampec Dolores
Editor: Tom McFarland

Root by Miklós Radnóti

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Poem by the 20th-century Jewish Hungarian poet Miklós Radnóti. The animation is by Daniel Lagin, “from an illustration by a Hungarian student based on Miklos Radnoti’s poem Root,” according to the information on the video’s YouTube page. This is a deleted scene from a documentary about Radnóti, Neither Memory Nor Magic, directed by Hugo Perez, “the story of a poet who continued to write poetry even as he faced almost certain death, and one poet’s triumph over the inhumanity of his age — a story almost entirely unknown outside of Hungary.”

The original poem, “Wurzel,” is in German (text here).