Nationality: Austria

Ungleiche Brüder / Unequal Brothers by Gerhard Rühm

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This short piece by Austrian filmmaker Hubert Sielecki for a poem by Gerhard Rühm was cited by videopoetry pioneer and theorist Tom Konyves as an example of a good sound text videopoem, in a new, lengthy comment at the Moving Poems forum. (This was in response to a Russian translator of his “Brief summary of videopoetry” requesting examples of each of the five types he identifies in the piece.)

Sleep (Der Schlaf) by Georg Trakl

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An animation by A.E.E. Viljamaa. Here’s the text of the German original:

Der Schlaf

Verflucht ihr dunklen Gifte,
Weißer Schlaf!
Dieser höchst seltsame Garten
Dämmernder Bäume
Erfüllt von Schlangen, Nachtfaltern,
Spinnen, Fledermäusen.
Fremdling! Dein verlorner Schatten
Im Abendrot,
Ein finsterer Korsar
Im salzigen Meer der Trübsal.
Aufflattern weiße Vögel am Nachtsaum
Über stürzenden Städten
Von Stahl.

Requiem auf Georg Trakl (Requiem on Georg Trakl) by Sigrun Höllrigl

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This Swoon film is a production of the Vienna-based videopoetry group Art Visuals & Poetry, who write:

“Requiem on Georg Trakl” is a political movie. The death metaphors in the poetry of Georg Trakl are interpreted as visions of the deads of first and second World War. The movie is about the poet as a visionary and outcast of society. The artist stays lonely because he has another view of reality – he “sees” in another reality.

Levitation by Gerhard Rühm

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Hubert Sielecki made this damn-near perfect videopoem for a piece by Austrian writer, composer, and visual artist Gerhard Rühm.