Filmmaker: Loni Paone

Alarum by Robert Hershon

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A fun student film by Loni Paone. The description on Vimeo says:

Submitted to Emerson College’s 2013 Evelyn Horowitz Video Poetry Competition. The competition asks students to adapt a poem written by a contemporary poet to the visual medium.

“Alarum” is a poem written by Brooklyn author and poet Robert Hershon, which is published in his book Grocery Lists.

The poem itself deals with the absurd and contagious nature that comes with believing in stereotypes. The concept behind my visual adaptation is to show several methods through which stereotypes can be perpetuated in society: indoctrinating the youth (public TV educator); deceiving the masses (live news reporter); slandering by word-of-mouth (the men drinking); and brainwashing the faithful (the religious figurehead).

For more on Robert Hershon, see the Poetry Foundation website.