Filmmaker: Kathy McTavish

Love? by Julie Gard

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Words are a fugitive, ghostly presence in this film by Kathy McTavish. For more poems by Julia Gard, see her website.

Three poems by Michelle Matthees

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This is the rest, another of Kathy McTavish‘s mesmerizing pieces of sound art and kinestatic imagery. Three poems by Michelle Matthees in type form—”The Gardner Hotel,” “Bouquets” and “The Rest”—scroll slowly up the screen against a background (or is it a foreground?) of shifting shapes and tones.

best parts of you by Kathleen Roberts

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This hypnotic combination of kinetic text, video and sound art represents a collaboration between Duluth, Minnesota-based poet Kathleen Roberts (text, reading) and musician/artist Kathy McTavish (music and images) for the Wildwood River micropress.

graffiti angel / infinity part 1 by Kathy McTavish

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This is by far the most beautiful and successful example of computer-generated videopoetry I’ve seen. I recommend expanding it to full screen, putting on headphones, and immersing yourself in the flow. Here’s the description from Vimeo:

kathy mctavish, sound, text, code and moving images – part of the holy fool project – funded by the jerome foundation and the minnesota state arts board – code generated using open source semantic web gears / pulleys / bolts / html5 / xml / css3 / javascript. This video is a screen shot of a computer-generated session.

Graffiti angel premiered at Zinema 2 in Duluth, Minnesota on September 13, according to McTavish’s website, which also includes video embeds of a number of shorter sketches.

As for the Holy Fool Project of which this is a part, according to an event description on Google Plus,

Holy fool is a live performance & multimedia installation. It is the culmination of a year-long project by cellist, composer & transmedia artist, Kathy McTavish.

On November 9th she joins forces with Sheila Packa (poet), Cathy Podeszwa (illumination), Cecilia Ramon (the infinite line), Anton Jimenez-Kloeckl (voice), Molly Tillotson (iron bells), and Carla Stetson (the map) to create a multi-sensory, immersive reflection on our times.

Tickets are available for $10 through the Sacred Heart Music Center

…which is on 201 West 4th Street, Duluth, Minnesota. Here’s their website. The performance/installation will take place on Friday, Nov 9, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST.

Was it I by Sheila Packa

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It’s been too long since I last featured one of Kathy McTavish‘s lovely pieces of cello-accompanied video art for a poem by her regular collaborator, poet Sheila Packa. This is a piece from Packa’s new collection, Cloud Birds.

Most of the time, videos that consist only of still images don’t seem like a good fit for a site called Moving Poems, but McTavish’s videos are too full of life and movement to exclude.

When I Don’t Love You Anymore is a Wasp by Donna Vorreyer

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This comprises the first panel of Propolis, the videopoem triptych produced by Swoon Bildos, Whale Sound (Nic Sebastian) and Cello Dreams (Kathy McTavish). According to the extremely interesting process notes for the project, Swoon took the lead in determining the artistic direction (inspired by Turner, Goya and Bacon, he says) and finding and getting permission for the footage to fit that vision, but his two collaborators took an active role in shaping it, in addition to providing the soundtrack, so I’ve listed all three of them together as filmmakers. I’m departing from tradition and putting up three posts today, because the three videos in the triptych belong together (but the poet-centric format here prevents me from putting them all in one post). Please visit the Propolis website for the full experience, which includes a special mashup of all three videos which I won’t share here, plus the aforementioned process notes and a paragraph on each of the contributors, including this one about Donna Vorreyer:

Donna Vorreyer spends her days convincing middle-schoolers that words matter. Her work has appeared in many journals including Weave, Cider Press Review, qaartsiluni, and Rhino. She is the author of the chapbooks, Womb/Seed/Fruit (Finishing Line Press) and Come Out, Virginia (Naked Mannekin Press) and a contributor to the blog Voice Alpha. You can visit her online at her blog Put Words Together; Make Meaning or her website

The site also includes the text of the poem.

The Lights Are On In The Museum by David Tomaloff

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This comprises the second panel of Propolis, the videopoem triptych produced by Swoon Bildos, Whale Sound (Nic Sebastian) and Cello Dreams (Kathy McTavish). Here’s the contributor’s note about David Tomaloff:

David Tomaloff (b. 1972) is a writer, photographer, musician, and all around bad influence. His work has appeared in fine publications such as Mud Luscious, >kill author, Thunderclap!, HOUSEFIRE, Prick of the Spindle, DOGZPLOT, elimae, and many more. He is the author of the chapbooks, A SOFT THAT TOUCHES DOWN &REMOVES ITSELF (NAP) Olifaunt (The Red Ceilings Press), EXIT STRATEGIES (Gold Wake Press) and MESCAL NON-PALINDROME CINEMA (Ten Pages Press). He resides in the form of ones and zeros here.

Visit the Propolis site for the text of the poem.