Filmmaker: Dave Richardson

Normalization of Deviance by Charlotte Pence

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A new film by artist and poet Dave Richardson using a text and reading by Charlotte Pence. As the Vimeo description notes, “Normalization of Deviance” appears in Pence’s collection Many Small Fires, just out from Black Lawrence Press.

on a prophet by Kathleen Roberts

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she says that she
is learning to be immortal
although it has not
been easy
she’s trying to learn
to stop eating she says
distracts the body
from its truth…

Indiana-based graphic designer and poet Dave Richardson, best known in the videopoetry world for his 2012 piece “The Mantis Shrimp,” combines forces with poet Kathleen Roberts to make this affecting and effective videopoem “for the upcoming show With Sirens Blaring at the Prøve Collective in Duluth, Minnesota, August 8-23, 2014.” I usually find it distracting to have a poem appear both in the soundtrack and in words on the screen simultaneously, but somehow Richardson makes it work. He gives a bit more detail about the exhibition on his blog:

Prøve Collective, in Duluth, Minnesota, will display a body of work linking poetry to visual, film, and sound art. Pursuant to a grant from the McKnight Foundation, award-winning Duluth poet Kathleen Roberts is creating an assembly of films and artwork by local and regional artists based on her words. These works will be displayed permanently on her website and in Prøve’s August exhibition, “With Sirens Blaring,” August 8-23, 2014.

Prøve Gallery is “a contemporary and experimental art gallery located in downtown Duluth.” Kathleen Roberts is the literary director.

Migrations by Dave Richardson

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A gem of a videopoem by poet and filmmaker Dave Richardson.

Note that, polished as it appears, this is still a first draft, according to Richardson. In a comment at Vimeo, he wrote:

Always happy to share works in progress. My “first draft” might just be someone’s “final draft.” I think this motion piece is in good shape now.

Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare

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“Design by Dave Richardson. Reading by M. Willett.” This is only the fifth video adaptation of a Shakespeare sonnet to make it into the Moving Poems archive, and perhaps the most satisfying so far. Dave Richardson is the graphic design and motion design specialist who made that marvelous videopoem The Mantis Shrimp. Check out his blog, Rocky Hill Studio.

The Mantis Shrimp by Dave Richardson

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A meditation on the Mantis Shrimp’s 16 photoreceptors, a yellow blouse from the past, and a desire for more and more color. A previous version of “The Mantis Shrimp” was juried into Liberated Words at MIX: A Conference Exploring Transmedia Writing & Digital Creativity, 16-18, July 2012; Bath Spa University, UK. “The Mantis Shrimp” is now showing at the Tarble Arts Center, Charleston, Illinois, from Sept. 21 to Dec. 2, 2012, in the EIU Art Department Faculty Show.

Thus the description at Vimeo [for an earlier version of the video]. For more of Dave Richardson’s work, see his design website and Rocky Hill Studio blog.