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me’s-an-abyme by Michelle Lovegrove Thomson

A collage of images and voices of women poets that succeeds brilliantly, both as a tribute to the women whose words are borrowed and as an original videopoem. Michelle Lovegrave Thomson is the editor, cinematographer and hand-processor of the Super8mm film.

Walking Out, Part 1 by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

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“Part I in a series of poems called ‘Walking Out,'” says Mr. Dorholt.

A Time of Water Bountiful by Michael Anthony Ricciardi

This is something I haven’t seen before: a videopoem made of almost entirely of old home movies and photos, with just a few additional Creative Commons-licenced images to fill in the gaps. As Michael Ricciardi describes it,

Experimental, narrative short (an eco-prophetic autobiography) reconstructed from my family’s Super 8mm home movies (late 1960’s) and my Dad’s photos (WWII) – this video was/is a jury-selected finalist in the 2009 H2O Film on Water Exhibition (installed at: Great River Arts Center, Bellows Falls, VT, sponsored by Orion Magazine, Water for People, and Cynthia Reeves Gallery).

Thanks to Michael for leaving a comment here and inviting me to visit his YouTube channel.

Hydrotherapy by Ren Powell

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Poem and animation by Ren Powell. (See Ren’s site AnimaPoetics for a higher-quality version.)

This will be the last post until November 30. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

They Are There But I Am Not by Ye Mimi

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A riveting videopoem by Ye Mimi, poet and filmmaker from Taiwan, who says,

We experience a lot of poems as a record of real life. Through the specific Taiwanese backdrop, the poetry film illustrates a series of moments to approach the concept of time, which is not as concrete as we are taught. As a poet, the filmmaker presents her ideas on the nature of reality, existence, what is there and what is not there.

The acting credits include God, the poet’s grandma, and many others. According to one online bio, Ye has an MFA in filmmaking (from the Art Institute of Chicago) as well as an MFA in writing.

you knew this by J.P. Sipilä

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A short piece by J.P. Sipilä, a young Finnish poet with an impressive command of filmmaking techniques.

“The wish for a garden was simple” by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

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“Poem written by Tyler Flynn Dorholt with the first line ‘The wish for a garden was simple,'” says the description on Vimeo, and I’m trying to remember why that name sounds so familiar. Then I remember: we published him at qarrtsiluni last spring. Here’s his blog. Judging from the latest post, it sounds as if he’s getting into video poetry in a fairly big way.