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The Space Between Burned Out Suns by Emily Kendal Frey and Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg’s film for a poem from Something Should Happen at Night Outside, a collaboration with Emily Kendal Frey.

Ghost Haiku by Susan Cormier

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Susan Cormier A.K.A. queen of crows is both author and director. In the notes at YouTube, she says:

The guys in the foreground seemed kinda creeped-out by me and my camera — obviously, they couldn’t see what I was actually watching. If anyone knows who they are, please send them a link. I generally don’t use people’s images without their permission, but this shot was too precious to discard.

All This Day Is Good For by Tom Konyves

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A spam lit videopoem! Tom writes,

In this ode to the simultaneous, true and false perceptions collide in a 360-degree panoramic sweep of a moment in time, rendering life and art in equal measure.

The text in this videopoem was assembled from hundreds of spam/scam e-mails I have been collecting over the years, representing the lies we are confronted with every day; yet the random phrases extracted from these passion-laden letters cannot help but also contain unintentional glimpses of truth. In between mundane and altered reality lies that precious essence of life I see as poetry.

Alex Konyves assisted with — well, almost everything, it seems. And Robin Pittman helped with the motion graphics.

Jannetjie se Skuld (Jannetjie’s Debt) by Valente Bosch

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I don’t know if the poem is any good or not, but it’s a powerful one-minute film. South African director Valente Bosch (Trike Films) says,

Shot on 2perf 35mm Film. When my cousin was raped I wrote this poem. It’s written in Afrikaans, but once you’ve seen the film you will fully know what I mean. I decided to do this film soon as I became a Film Director. It took lots of favours from lots of very special people.

This is what happens to soo many mothers and daughters all around the world, and we as men are not even ashamed of ourselves!

The World by Zachary Schomburg

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Another videopoem by Zachary Schomburg in support of his collection Scary, No Scary.

Kinetic type poem by Zach Lieberman

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Self-referential in the grand tradition of concrete poetry. The music is also a perfect fit, I thought.

Poem by Zach Lieberman. Code by Zach Lieberman & Kimmo Kallio. Performed live by Kimmo Kallio. Built with Processing.

Soundtrack: Caveman lament by Chris Clark.

For My American Lover, Upon My Leaving by Holly Karapetkova

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“A digital version of a poem of mine, first published in The Crab Orchard Review,” the author says.