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The World by Zachary Schomburg

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Another videopoem by Zachary Schomburg in support of his collection Scary, No Scary.

Kinetic type poem by Zach Lieberman

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Self-referential in the grand tradition of concrete poetry. The music is also a perfect fit, I thought.

Poem by Zach Lieberman. Code by Zach Lieberman & Kimmo Kallio. Performed live by Kimmo Kallio. Built with Processing.

Soundtrack: Caveman lament by Chris Clark.

For My American Lover, Upon My Leaving by Holly Karapetkova

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“A digital version of a poem of mine, first published in The Crab Orchard Review,” the author says.

Purple Lipstick by Heather Haley

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A poem about domestic violence, on YouTube courtesy of a magazine called Shattered Thought which appears to be no longer online. Heather Haley, however, is very much still online — in fact, the annual videopoetry festival she organizes in Vancouver, Visible Verse, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 19-20. This is the premiere videopoetry event in North America. Go if you can.

The Videopoems page of her personal website says about this film, in part:

Heather’s videopoem Purple Lipstick still garners kudos having been an official selection at the VideoBardo 2nd International VideoPoetry Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 3rd Zebra International Poetry Film Festival in Berlin, Germany and the Women in Film Festival in Vancouver where she was a guest speaker. Purple Lipstick also screened at Commfest, Wildsound, Female Eye in Toronto, Northwest Projections and Reel to Real in Seattle.

Purple is the colour of a fresh bruise and domestic violence the single greatest cause of injury to women in Canada. Purple Lipstick confronts its insidious nature through compelling juxtapositions. A disembodied female voice employs vivid language, absurdist against a backdrop of banality, images of *normal* family life. Numb in her isolation and still in her nurse’s uniform, a wife and mother prepares dinner. The inherent terror of her home life is invoked with excruciating tension. Its brutality can only be alluded to.

Shot on Bowen Island near Vancouver, Purple Lipstick features actors Bazil Graham, Ripley Ferguson, Cairo Ferguson and slam poetry star Alexandra Oliver-Basekic.

The Ramble by James Brush

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James’ first video haiku — see his blog post about it.

Immigrants by Ren Powell

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I’ve posted a number of Ren Powell’s other animations, but for some reason I skipped this one. As always, see her site Anima Poetics for a much sharper, Flash version.

Tickets to Your Morning in the Mirror by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

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Dorholt’s poems on the page are long, difficult and packed with arresting images, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that his videopoems would be the same. The text of this one originally appeared in Slope.

For links to all Dorholt’s films, see his blog.