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Poem #7 by eddie d

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An experimental, author-made piece from 1998 by the Dutch video artist known as eddie d, “known for his video poems, short, single channel, video works in which spoken word and sound are transformed into compositions of language and rhythm.”

The droll description of “Poem #7” on Vimeo calls it “A top video poem, by a top video poem editor, recited by top poem reciters.” I’d call it a too-short, brilliant defamiliarization of a hackneyed English phrase.

Pomegranate by Karen Mary Berr

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A new author-made videopoem by Karen Mary Berr with a very NSFW text in the soundtrack. The music is “Halfaouine” by Anouar Brahem.

Berr notes at her blog that the poem was prompted by the gift of a pomegranate. So the choice of imagery for the video reflects that origin in something a bit more than mere metaphor. The poem’s frank, first-person eroticism seemed like a good follow-up to yesterday’s video of a quote from Anaïs Nin.

The City Inside, Part 2 by Tim Cumming

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The conclusion of poet-filmmaker Tim Cumming’s new film of a poem about London. Though the entire film is over 13 minutes long, the repetition of certain images and tropes serves as a connective glue, and the language has sufficient energy to make the film seem much shorter than it is. (Watch Part 1.)

Children of the Nephilim (excerpt) by Cindy St. Onge

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This author-made videopoem by Cindy St. Onge juxtaposes footage from Trump rallies with footage from Nazi concentration camps, along with other images. The choice of music for the soundtrack (by the Masonik collective) feels especially inspired. The Vimeo description:

This video is based on a poem which was originally titled “Free Range Citzens.”
Have you noticed that with the proliferation of technology and mobile devices, that we so rarely look up anymore? We should wonder about that.
Poem, concept and editing by Cindy St. Onge. Footage from Videoblocks, Cindy St. Onge, CSpan, Right Side Broadcasting. Soundtrack by Masonik.
Full text of poem can be read here:

St. Onge has posted two versions of the videopoem; here’s the other.

The City Inside, Part 1 by Tim Cumming

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A new film from UK poet and filmmaker Tim Cumming, who notes on Vimeo:

First part of a two-part film of a London poem The City Inside. You could call it an inner city revealed.
Every metropolis dweller has their own inner city, an internal map organism that grows through space and time. This is work in progress. Status may change.

After Image by Matt Mullins

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Poet Matt Mullins shows how to make an effective videopoem out of a single photo. The text, voiceover, and audio-visual composition are all his own here; the original photographer is unknown.

Without War by Gerry King

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This author-made filmpoem by Gerry King in collaboration with videographer Gregory Rose is reminiscent of the most powerful political campaign ads, but with a more timeless message. The use of multiple readers, each situated in a particular place, lends additional veracity to the message—and I like the idea of a performance poet standing aside to let others take the mike. Here’s the YouTube description:

More than twenty years ago Gerry King wrote Without War and performed it to audiences across England. Now in a collaboration with his friend and Dartington College of Arts collaborator Gregory Rose the text is given a new life while the theme continues to steal lives all over the world….
Text © Gerry King, Images and soundtrack © King and Rose 2016.