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The Altruist by T. Carmi

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A moving tribute to the power of poetry from Israeli filmmaker Avi Dabach and PTSD-sufferer Micha Shalvi, who describes how the poem by T. Carmi — which he reads at the end — saved his life.

Plasticman by Mark Gwynne Jones

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A great spoken-word performance in a supermarket by Mark Gwynne Jones, filmed by Andy Lawrence, as part of their psychicbread series of poetry films. It’s fun to see how the other shoppers react (or don’t react, as the case may be).

Bill Murray reads Wallace Stevens: The Planet on the Table and A Rabbit as King of the Ghosts

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Actor Bill Murray reads two poems by Wallace Stevens at Bubby’s Brooklyn, as part of Poets House’s 17th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge, Monday June 11, 2012

Poets, take note. This is how a proper poetry reading is done.

Kata by Lavinia Greenlaw

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Another in the Winning Words series of poetry videos filmed by Andy Hutch. “Here professional parkour athlete Jolade Olusanya reads Lavinia Greenlaw’s ‘Kata’ in Stockwell.” I don’t have a category for parkour, but this seems close enough to some of the poetry dance videos to include in that category.

The text of the poem, which appeared in the 2011 collection The Casual Perfect from Faber & Faber, is here. For more on Greenlaw, see her website.

The Confession: poetry and conversation with Yehia Jaber

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Lebanese poet Yehia Jaber discusses his beliefs about war and peace, God and poetry, and recites one example of his work in Arabic (with English in subtitles). The British/Iranian filmmaker Roxana Vilk got help from Maryam Ghorbankarimi (editing) and Pete Vilk (music and sound design).

Yehia Jaber is also a visual poet — see for a beautiful and easily comprehensible example of vispo/concrete poetry in Arabic calligraphy.

The Disappearing Line (selections) by Mark G. Williams

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Thare are Chapters 6, 8, 11, 20 and 21 of Mark G. Williams‘ erasure-poetry project The Disappearing Line, which he described in an email as follows:

These evolved from using white-out to turn junk mail into found poetry; currently and with these I used popular novels, working backwards from two such novels, one word at a time and making sure plenty of space separates my choices to avoid ‘stealing’ phrases, and working until I get 100-word sentences. I count on short-term memory loss and the use of the text of others to force out phrases and sentences that I likely would never have heard or written otherwise.

Chapter 20 was part of a display at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art called Looking Forward: Ten Artists to Watch, from June 14–July 7, 2012. Watch all 30 chapters on Mark’s Vimeo channel.

Compromise by Steve Connell

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Gabriel Sunday directed. The description on Vimeo reads,

Steve Connell is a world-famous Spoken Word poet and performer. Faye Reagan is a world famous Porn Star.

Accept the truth of our times… embrace the Compromise.

That’s right: according to the Wikipedia, the actress usually known as Faye Reagan has performed in 174 adult films and one videopoem. For more on Connell, the Wikipedia also appears to be the best source.