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My Time by Jade Anouka

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Another video by Sabrina Grant (with assistance from Anneka Henry) starring actor-poet Jade Anouka. Grant also interviewed Anouka on the set of “My Time.” I particularly like what Anouka says about trusting the director to bring her own vision to the project:

Over Toast by Debris Stevenson

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Like yesterday’s piece by Jade Anouka and last Wednesday’s piece by Max Wallis, this is a hybrid between a filmpoem and a performance poem in which the poet, Debris Stevenson, is also an actor (here joined by another actor, Lil Woods). Chris Keenan of Prime Objective directs.

A poetry film made in collaboration with poet Debris Stevenson for her piece ‘Over Toast’. Commissioned by Apples & Snakes for Architects of Our Republic. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a dream speech’.

‘Over Toast takes us on a philosophical journey, where a mother and daughter travel to a safe place to discover the importance of asking a question.’

According to the Architects of Our Republic site, “Apples and Snakes is the leading organisation for performance poetry in England, with a national reputation for producing exciting and innovative participation and performance work in spoken word.”

Forget by Jade Anouka

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London-based actor and poet Jade Anouka in an understated performance of her work “Directed and edited by Sabrina Grant with assistance from Anneka Harry,” according to the note on YouTube.

Jesse James by GennaRose Nethercott

Performance poems illustrated with live-action sequences aren’t perhaps as common as they should be. This is a particularly well-made example of the genre. In the too-brief Vimeo description, the video is credited equally to Wyatt Andrews (who also plays Jesse James), GennaRose Nethercott (the poet) and Ian McPherson.

I Love the Internet by Kevin Barrington

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Irish poet Kevin Barrington performing the title poem from his new e-book. This was featured on the Maddow Blog, which also included the text.

Elegy with Her Red-Tipped Fingers by Tarfia Faizullah

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A high-quality, music video-style poetry film by poet and filmmaker Jamaal May for Organic Weapon Arts, whose chapbook series “was started with the hip-hop tradition of the mixtape in mind.” Tarfia Faizullah‘s poem may be read online in Blackbird.

Ode to Gray by Sherman Alexie

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A charming poem followed by a brief discussion with Bill Moyers from American public television. I post this not only because I like Sherman Alexie, but because I love the color gray.