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Skinhead by Patricia Smith

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The great Patricia Smith performs at (I think) the HBO show Def Poetry Jam.

Jellyfish by Andrea Gibson

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This video by Daizy Zhou is pretty effective, I thought — but then, so is the original video on YouTube of the poet herself, from which she took the reading:

In fact, this may be one of the most gorgeous spoken-word videos I’ve seen, both for the floating-seed imagery and for the background of Swainson’s thrush song. Gibson has what appears to be a thrush on the footer of her website, which makes me like her right away.

Evidently Chickentown by John Cooper Clarke

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A film called Ochlofobie by Belgian artist Swoon, who also supplied the music. British performance poet John Cooper Clarke is responsible for text and voice.

Here’s a video of Clarke doing the poem at a live reading from 2008:

Hate Poem by Julie Sheehan

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High school student Wiyaka His Horse Is Thunder recites the poem as part of the Poetry Out Loud national recitation contest, in a slickly produced video directed by Tony Brave for KOLC-TV of Oglala Lakota College. As Sheehan notes in an essay about the poem, the poem has become a favorite with students in the competition.

Hum Bom! by Allen Ginsberg

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This is Part 1 of the poem — a dramatisation which I think it is safe to say Ginsberg would’ve loved. The filmmaker, Caroline Petters, is a professional photographer.

Dirty Dinky by Theodore Roethke

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I do believe Michael John Muller found the perfect text for this fun little experiment: the title poem for Roethke’s collection of poems for children.

Your Super Bookstore Recommends by Dean Young

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Another “teleportal reading“:

When Dean Young came to the East Austin warehouse where we film our videos, the sky was threatening. By the time he got started, a biblical downpour was underway. You can hear the rain on the tin roof as he reads. Of course, as these things tend to go, it cleared up the second the shoot was finished. Still, we like the way the atmospheric sound plays off of Scott Gelber’s animation, which alters live footage of Dean reading in front of a green screen and layers it with gorgeous hand-painted imagery. Dean’s most recent book, a work of prose on poetry titled The Art of Recklessness, is available from Graywolf Press.

This is one case where a literal interpretation of the poem really works!