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Landing Under Water, I See Roots by Annie Finch

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A beautiful and, to my mind, highly effective book trailer for Spells: New and Selected Poems by Annie Finch, due out this month from Wesleyan University Press. U.K. animator Suzie Hanna describes their creative process in a note at Vimeo:

The film was made through a Transatlantic collaborative shared process. Annie sent her voice recording to me and I responded with clips of tests and animatics which I adjusted, extended or dumped in response to her reactions.

For the text of the poem (and audio of Finch’s reading), see

Hearing Your Voice for the First Time by Raymond Luczak

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Raymond Luczak has made a number of compelling poetry videos in American Sign Language, but this may be my favorite to date. It’s in support of his new book Mute. (See his YouTube channel for a few others.) Luczak writes:

In this clip, I recall what it was like to use my hearing aids when calling a prospective date for the first time. This happened back in the late 1980s, way before the Internet thing came along. The talented songwriter Seth Pennington performs his song “Want” as a guitar instrumental.

(As with the other Luczak videos I’ve posted, I’m putting this in the Spoken Word category even though that’s obviously not a perfect fit.)

Four Desires by Jason Heroux

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According to the description on YouTube, this is “a book trailer for Jason Heroux’s new poetry collection NATURAL CAPITAL published by Mansfield Press,” though I must say it’s awfully subtle for a trailer — and a very fine videopoem, however one categorizes it. In a blog post introducing the video, Heroux adds that it was made by his brother Darren.

Three poems from Savage Sunsets by Adrian C. Louis

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The poems are “Archeology,” “Wheels,” and “Love the Distant Roar,” expertly knit together by Sky Hopinka into one of the best poetry book trailers I’ve seen. Most unusual for the genre is the choice of a reader (Trevino Brings Plenty) other than the poet, but this really works to put the focus squarely on the poems and — with the addition of two listeners — the communal reality they appear to reflect.

Adrian C. Louis is no stranger to film; his novel Skins was made into a feature-length film starring Graham Greene and directed by Chris Eyre. Savage Sunsets, his tenth book of poems, is forthcoming in September from West End Press. For more, visit his website.


Housekeeping note: I’ve just started a Book trailers category here, thinking it might be useful to compare and contrast different approaches to the genre. I’ve retroactively added the few videos that came up when I seached the site for “book trailers,” but I know I’ve missed some. Please let me know if you can think of any more trailers I’ve posted.

To Mend Small Children by B.C. Edwards

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This charming videopoem using (I presume) archival footage is a video trailer for a chapbook by B.C. Edwards, To Mend Small Children, from a new publisher called Augury Books.

Becoming Judas: five poems by Nicelle Davis

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These poems are from Becoming Judas by Nicelle Davis, forthcoming from Red Hen Press. The wonderfully whimsical drawings by Cheryl Gross are animated in a fairly basic style which the description at YouTube dubs “motion graphics.”

Tom Kessler, Stockton Island, 1887 by Kenneth Pobo

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A videopoem made to double as a video trailer for the winner of qarrtsiluni magazine’s 2011 chapbook contest: Ice and Gaywings, by Kenneth Pobo, forthcoming from Phoenicia Publishing in Montreal. See our post about the video at the magazine for more. (I was responsible for commissioning this film from Swoon in my capacity as qarrtsiluni co-Managing Editor, and helped shape the content a little, but the main ideas and final decisions were Swoon’s.)