Mostly about a color by Jenene Ravesloot

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This film by Jutta Pryor is especially interesting for what it does with the soundtrack, a psychedelic interweaving of the reading by Nic S. and a track called “The Ritual and the Delusion Part 1,” by the musicians’ collective Masonik. The poem, by Chicago-based poet Jenene Ravesloot and first published in CC&D Magazine, is from the Poetry Storehouse.

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    Jutta Pryor 9 June, 2014

    Thank you for featuring ‘Mostly about a color’, a response to the poem by Jenene Ravesloot and reading by Nic S.. My idea was to capture the essence of ‘layering’ of silk and sea in a visual and sound context. ‘The Ritual and the Delusion Part 1’ by Masonik featuring the wonderful saxophone by Paul Pax Andrews fitted the dream.

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