Ardenter by David Tomaloff

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Another fun videopoem collaboration from David Tomaloff (voice and “poem written especially for this project”) and Swoon (concept, editing and music).

Footage: ‘How to make perfect hard boiled eggs’ (Food wishes video recipes – Chef John) provided by
‘undercover investigation at Hy-line hatchery’ (

This is part of an international project among 14 different artists, “Seven Sins / Seven Virtues,” as Swoon explains in a blog post. He used C.S. Lewis’ definition of gluttony in The Screwtape Letters as a guide.

We might complain about unimportant defects in a product, the temperature in the room, or the color of a laundry basket. There is a certain amount of discomfort to be expected in life, but the Glutton will have none of it. Instead of becoming strong by suffering the minor inconveniences of life, the Glutton insists on being pampered. No one dares to point out how petty or foolish they are. In fact, some celebrities are praised for their excessive perfectionism, as though it were a virtue.


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    Peter 30 November, 2012

    Really great footage. So much happening so slowly. Fun to hear the poem curl around the video.

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    […] “ARDENTER,” the collaborative videopoem I did with Swoon regarding gluttony, can now be viewed over at Dave Bonta’s excellent Moving Poems site. Thank, Dave. And special thanks to Swoon. […]

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