The Carcass (Une Charogne) by Charles Baudelaire

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A mesmerizing film and reading in French, with the English translation by Geoffrey Wagner provided in subtitles. I am guessing that the filmmaker, Koustoz, is Greek.


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    Therese L. Broderick 8 March, 2011

    Oh, I agree — this is mesmerizing! So many brilliant touches: I expect images to continue in a pattern, but then the filmmaker breaks the pattern, surprises me again and again. The tunnel, the sudden interruption of outdoor sound, the several “ends” which are not ends, just pauses, the shift from day to night. Really haunting. Did you post this today (March 8 in the USA) for Mardi Gras? I’m pretty sure I heard the French word “gras” in the poem here. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece.

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    Dave Bonta 8 March, 2011

    Ah, glad you liked. The reading really makes this one for me, but the filmmaking was good too. Iniitially I was skeptical, since filming from a moving vehicle is something of a cliche in videopoetry. Fat Tuesday isn’t marked on my (sadly inadequate) desk calendar, so no — chalk that up to serendipity, I guess.

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