Natural Bitterness by Patrick Jones

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Australian artist Patrick Jones recently worked on a project called Food Forest with his family, and “Natural Bitterness” is another project in the same spirit of uniting art with gardening or gathering: it’s “a video-poem as field guide to some of the edible weeds and wild foods we’ve been eating lately in central Victoria, Australia,” according to the description on Vimeo. A brief blog post goes into a little more detail.

As high-concept as this is, it’s also a fine poem, and I love the name of his production company: Gift Ecology Films.


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    patrick 8 October, 2010

    hey, thanks for cross-posting. appreciate it.

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    Rachel 9 October, 2010

    What a beautiful poem! I am working on a poem about environmental responsibility which I hope to finish and post within the next month and will try to include a link back within my rhyme.

    Rhyme Me A Smile,

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