Television by Todd Alcott

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Beth Fulton writes,

The inspiration of this video comes from Todd Alcott’s poem, Television. I own no rights to his reading of the poem and intend only to share my own personal interpretation. Hope you like!

This is to my knowledge the first English-language videopoem to have gone viral. I first saw it last week on Facebook, where it seems to have been posted quite heavily. It’s been played 445,537 times in just three months, making it currently the most popular videopoem on Vimeo, and second only to Juan Delcan’s animation of Billy Collins’ “The Dead” on YouTube, which has amassed 761,494 views — but over the course of three years. So “Television”‘s refrain, “Look at me!” seems to be working.

Todd Alcott is a screenwriter living in Santa Monica, and judging by the comment he left below the video on Vimeo, seems to be a friend or acquaintance of the filmmaker doesn’t know the filmmaker (though he likes the video — see comments).


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    Todd Alcott 8 July, 2010

    Hi there, I’m Todd Alcott. To set the record straight, I’ve never met Ms. Fulton. Her video of “Television” was a complete surprise to me — I found out about it the way everyone else did, someone linked to it. That said, I think she did a bang-up job on it.

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      Dave Bonta 8 July, 2010

      Oh, cool. I’ll correct the post. Thanks for commenting!

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    Viral Verse 13 July, 2010

    I loved this so much I put it right away on Viral Verse. Normally I try not to overlap videos with you Dave. Great find!


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