me’s-an-abyme by Michelle Lovegrove Thomson

A collage of images and voices of women poets that succeeds brilliantly, both as a tribute to the women whose words are borrowed and as an original videopoem. Michelle Lovegrave Thomson is the editor, cinematographer and hand-processor of the Super8mm film.


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    tyler sid 2 February, 2010

    Hi just wanted to say I thought you did a great job on this poem and posted it it on my site…
    i’ll be back to see more….
    if you ever want to send me the raw file i produce a tv show that uses a lot of video poetry and i would love to put it in there but that’s your call…the site is at

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      Dave Bonta 2 February, 2010

      I think you need to communicate with Ms. Thomson on her Vimeo page. This is just an embed.

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